Fit Sparrow of the Heart

“6 months, restructuring, revamping, rethinking, running…getting to a new place in life, a year into a new position at work…time to back away and bring clarity. Time to miss something…time to re-launch my coaching and start over with a whole new perspective and love! New certifications and an old love of running telling me to make it fresh again! Time to realize what balance and happiness truly are in a busy life…time to let negative slide away and positive fill my life. Time to meet a group of amazing runners who showed me what this community is all about, time to make the changes and steps to get to my goals and help others get to theirs. Time to have time….some times that is all it takes!”

This was a post I put up on my Facebook page – I have been a coach for 4 years and 6 months ago I burnt out…work promotion, family, fitness, room parent…it all became so much that something had to give.  So, I let my business slide away for a bit.  Over the last several weeks the urge to coach again began to bubble up and today I decided if I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I better do something about it! So I am here, I am back coaching and I am back loving the sport that has given me so much! Happy Running!

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